Stop 2: Reno/Tahoe

Stop 2: Reno/Tahoe

I doubt there is a better place on earth to people-watch than the Boomtown KOA in Nevada!  This is only the secong stop, but we are learning a lot about RV life!

Campsite: Boomtown KOA
Quick Review: We definitely had the best two spots in the KOA with large grassy areas and a grill (good job Stacy). The kids loved the pool and we loved the two hot tubs.

Trip mileage so far: 547
Soul Status: High (aka feeling really good). We are still in “vacation mode” and having fun exploring new places. It has not hit us that this is our LIFE for a while.
I suspect that I (and maybe other family members) will have a breakdown sometime between weeks 2-3 when the reality of what I have gotten us into really starts to sink in!

Highlights included:

Camping with good friends Matt and Stacy Norbeck and their kids Grace and Charlotte “Chuck”. Thank you to Team Norbeck for their local hospitality and taking
time off work mid-week to be with us!

Lake Tahoe – Beautiful Blue! Pretty sure I could live there, lakeside!

Virginia City – Early mining town that still feels like the old west. Great little main street with all the tourist trappings you could want from a town like this.
We were able to see the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Delta Saloon with the “Suicide Table” where legend has it that three people committed suicide after losing all
their money gambling at this table. Bucket of Blood Saloon and a Suicide Table, sounds like we were in a Tarantino movie.

Donner Party Pass – 19-Century pioneers who resulted to cannibalism to survive in the Sierre Nevada Mountains in 1847. Two things caught my attention:
1 – The fact that the women had a higher survival rate partially due to the extra layer of fat justifies extra fries for every meal moving forward.
2- It is believed that ten families were part of the Donner Party. There were two families, the Reeds and the Breens that made it to California
without a single death. Why?

Truckee – A historian and eclectic shoppers dream. Really cute little town with a lot of energy. We wanted to explore all day but my hungry children were melting down.

Now, onto the San Francisco and Olema, CA area! I drove the Donner Pass so that Brian could work. I feel like a champ!

Boondocks and Bliss

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