Stop 4: Redwood Forest

Stop 4: Redwood Forest

First “holiday” on the road.  Happy Father’s Day, Brian!  My actions will set the bar for all holidays to follow… pressure is ON!

Quick Review: The campground was nice enough and definitely had the most amount of kids that we have seen yet, so that was really great.
Our campground neighbors pulled up minutes after we did and we ended up connecting with CJ and Angela and their boys Romeo and Louis.
Good people on a summer long trip down the west coast. The night soon turned into a Father’s Day celebration of grown up cocktails around
the fire with our new neighbors while the kiddos watched Indiana Jones on the outdoor TV. Yup, roughing it. Although the park is 10 miles
or so outside the city, the overall feeling of Cresent City and some of the surrounding areas was sort of drab. There is a mobile-home park
next to the RV Park that I went running through on my morning jog and apparently really upset some woman with the mouth of a sailor. She
stormed out of her house cussing up a storm, upset because I didn’t live there and how dare I run through their park! I probably should
have stayed quiet, but didn’t and she found her way over to our campground to file a complaint about me. If it is so damned important, build
a gate! Anyway, the girls LOVED that mom was the one in trouble!

Mileage to date: 1105.5
Soul Status: MEDIUM. I really missed seeing my dad on Father’s Day. Bummer. On a lighter note, it was fun celebrating Brian’s Fathers Day
with a new popcorn maker. We hope to catch up on the last decade of movies and shows that we have missed out on and popcorn is always a

High (and Low) lights included:

Stouts Grove: Best selection of grand redwood trees up close and personal. Incredible hike down to the Smith River. We noticed some random
people starting to show their faces out of the trees as we let the girls swim in the river. Pretty sure these folks were living back there
in the woods and didn’t like us hanging out, the vibe turned weird so we moved on up the trail.

Fern Canyon Hike – Easy hike. A must. High walls of ferns and greenery. Small water falls contributed to the stream you walk through during
most of the hike. You feel like you are in Hawaii more so than the Redwood Forest! Really cool place and we had to drive the jeep through a
creek to get to it! Brian enjoyed that.

Tour through a Tree: When in Rome…you drive through a tree.

Tree’s of Mystery/Sky Ride: Fun trail of wood carvings leading to a SkyRide (Gondola) through the Redwood forest to an observation deck.
They also have a fudge shop. So, a funny story about said fudge shop…the girls were running to get their free sample of fudge (sugar addiction!)
but being fully consumed by said addiction, they mistakenly ate a piece of fudge that some angry customers were returning and had already taken a
bite of. YUCK! They learned a great lesson: Just because its FREE, doesn’t mean that you need it. Ha! They were mortified.

Cresent City – Foggy, cold and depressing. Smelled like cigarettes and lost dreams. Really have no desire to return to this area but it was good to see once.

On to Oregon…

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