Week 4: Cousins and the Fourth of July!

Week 4: Cousins and the Fourth of July!

Holy FIREWORKS!!!  This show is no joke!   Great time with family and definitely experiencing something new…

So…we have officially made the turn EAST, from now until the fall everywhere we go will be inching us towards
the New England area! Very exciting moment in The Wave!

Mileage: A lot.
Soul Status: High. I keep waiting for the status to drop or for me to “settle in”.

Spending time with cousins, Beau and Sarah (and their full speed ahead boys Rory and Finn), who we haven’t seen
in over a decade! They are advanced in the art of hosting and we were treated like absolute royalty! Such amazing
hosts that Brian decided this was the time and place that he would start eating red meat again after almost 3 years!
Can’t argue with a perfectly cooked tri-tip and a cousin that is bigger than you.

Not knowing where we will be for each of the year’s holidays creates some anxiety for the girls (and for us).
This Fourth of July celebration was definitely memorable and didn’t disappoint. Very generous friends of Beau and
Sarah’s host an amazing party each year that we were lucky enough to attend. The party is on a 5-acre farm, most of
which is used to grow hazel nuts and apparently fireworks mortars.  A pool, hot tub, BBQ, soccer and volleyball game
were all part of the festivities and a large fruit and vegetable garden that they let everyone eat off of all night. The amazing
firework show was put on by a neighbor that owns a fireworks factory and lasted over two hours.
This annual show consists of impressive commercial grade fireworks and draws a crowd from all over the area. Honored
to be asked to what has to be one of the best Fourth of July parties in the country!

Visited Multnomah Falls on our way out of the Portland area… WOW! Just WOW.

While staying a few days in Kennewick, WA (ugh, so hot!), we drove up and spent a few hours with my cousins Rich and Teri
in Moses Lake, WA. I am pretty sure they DO NOT AGE. We were spoiled yet again with some fabulous fajitas! How did you
know how much I love Mexican food? I could get used to this!

Ending the week by driving to Nampa, ID. We are listening to No Shoes Radio, the only station in the universe that can
keep all four of us happy. We were singing along to Guns-n-Roses, Zac Brown, Journey, Queen and most importantly, Bon Jovi!
It was lunchtime and all three of us girls are dancing and singing in the kitchen as Brian is singing at the top of
lungs at the wheel. THESE are the moments I live for. We love seeing the country, but THIS is the purpose.

Arriving in Nampa for a quick one- nighter, we were greeted by Greg and Mary Alger, owners of the Huston Vineyard.
Located on Chicken Dinner Road. We were greeted by Greg with a “redneck” ice tub to cool down. Yes, we got in. It was
105 degrees outside. Following the dip in the horse trowel we were given a private wine tasting…IN OUR SWIMSUITS!
Greg and Mary Alger and the Huston Vineyard ROCK!

I can’t believe the first month is already over! It is going MUCH too fast!

I want to know what YOU did for the Fourth of July Holiday!  Leave us a reply!

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