Our Rookie Run

Our Rookie Run

                                                                                                                                                                                   – T.M.Hazlett
Our first overnight excursion in our new motorhome can be deemed a success…well sort of!   Next up:  A year long, cross-country road trip covering thousands of miles with stops in dozens of locations.  No problem right?  Sure…we are ready, of course a one week trial run is plenty of time to prepare us for the next year (ahem).   While it’s true, we may have purchased the Wave before experiencing any actual time living in a confined tin can on wheels (with children, no doubt!), it is probably a good thing we did or we may have backed out of this crazy adventure knowing what we know now.  Actually, we did pretty darn good on our trial run but we also found out we have SO much more to learn.  Here are a few of the high and low lights from the Hazlett family Rookie Run!:
Over Spring break we took The Wave to red rock country spending time in both Zions and Bryce Canyon National Parks.
  • Mechanically, everything “seemed” to work properly.
  • Electronically, we (being Brian) now understand how the AC/DC (not the band), power distribution, solar panels, etc. work.
  • Socially, new friends are right next door!
  • So happy that we have two toilets on-board, worth the investment!
  • I drove The Wave, pulling a jeep, through a steep canyon. It’s easier than it looks.  Plus-it’s great for my ego when onlookers do a double-take as they realize this magnificent beast is being driven by one hot mama!
  • Apparently Hopscotch competitions are taken quite seriously by the Hazlett girls (who knew?).
  • We met a mountain goat up close and personal.
Con’s (disclaimer: all are first world problems):
  • Mechanically, we are not exactly sure how everything is supposed to work.
  • Electronically, Brian says I need to find a new coffee maker and hair dryer that is more watt friendly.  I am not sure he really understands how all AC/DC, power, solar, etc. actually works.
  • Socially, new friends are right next door!
  • Dumping the sewer is gross. Simply disgusting.  Hint: when they request that you “dump in the large hole in the ground” with a metal grate over the top, make sure you are wearing an old pair of shoes!
  • Doing dishes without a dishwasher sucks, how in the hell did the pioneers clean their Tupperware?
  • Leveling a 22,000 pound motorhome on unlevel ground can be quite nerve racking.
  • When driving this monster of a motorhome,  it seems you can’t take corners as fast as one might originally think.  “Slow down and swing wide Tina, swing wide…”

So as you can see we have plenty to learn but with a deep breath comes the assurance that everything will be okay.   As I write this, I am sitting in a hospital waiting room, a place that will keep anyone humble and it reminds me that concerns like having mayonnaise on my sandwich isn’t the worst thing in the world (though it is close).

The take-away: The minutes we spend together are priceless and even more importantly, they are limited.
Now, follow us.  Lets adventure together.
Boondocks & Bliss
Stay tuned regarding downsizing, de-cluttering and tips for shifting to a minimalist lifestyle.  It’s been a beautiful thing!

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