Home! Mission Complete.

Home! Mission Complete.

367 Days. 26,474 Miles. 72 Stops. 36 States.

Four humans living in a tin box is quite the psychology experiment. How on earth did we not kill
each other? Yes, I did drink more frequently! But still, I can’t believe we pulled it off!

Together, we left our comfort zone and we did it in pure chaos or “shit-show” as we were better
defined. We adapted. The girls proved to be strong, resilient and experts at handling “Plan B”.
My natural nomads started school in Ohio and ended in Arizona. They have experience in voltage,
amps, sewage systems, leveling systems, slide-out operations, navigation apps and Trip Advisor.
They learned a lot about life, places and people. I may have screwed them up academically, time
will tell! I am clearly not wired to be a home-schooling mom, but we made it.

This year, I laughed harder than I have ever laughed. I cried harder than I thought possible.
“You don’t know what you don’t know” quickly became the theme. The more we saw, the more we missed.
The more we learned, the less we knew. At each stop we tried to embrace the local culture. Local
coffee, beer, wine, restaurants, activities and most importantly, the people. We met many amazing
people. We met some clowns. We gained an honest perspective of our beautiful country during a very
divided and sensitive period.

This is what I DO know. I will never get this past year back and for once, I have ZERO regrets.
Life on the road wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but it was time spent with my tribe. My beautiful
African-American baby (ok, she is nine, but always my “baby”) got to experience the great diversity that
is the foundation of our country. She understands and truly believes that she is capable of anything she
sets her mind to. She also found a passion for animals, specifically dolphins. My fourteen-year-old
proved to be the most mentally stable of all of us, though we were planning for a hormonal nightmare.
She was the glue that held us all together. She found a passion for science and is now torn between a
career at NASA and the CIA. My husband has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold. He is the best
damn driver a girl could ask for. I am confident that if we can survive leveling a motor-home once a week,
we can truly survive anything!

On a personal note, my mid-life sabbatical provided me more clarity and optimism than I could have ever
hoped for. The time away allowed me to step out of my “normal” and start over with a blank canvas. I am
creating and rebuilding my new normal (with plenty of room for Plan B). I feel like a walking self-help
book as I am implementing my “new normal”. I have SO much more to express on this subject, but I am saving
it for another post.

I feel free, energized and excited for our next chapter. I pray that we always live with the same fierce
passion and purpose that carried us through this year.

Boondocks and Bliss

SIDE NOTE: I am not done writing or posting to the blog. I have so much more to say! (I know, weird!)
Re-Entry has been “enlightening” and the blog is my platform to express my thoughts and/or ideas. For example,
we decided to rent out our motor-home for the rest of the summer until we decide what we want to do with it.
Our first renters have ZERO experience with a motor-home. This should go well. Yikes!