The WHY!
“It’s my life, it’s now or never” – Jon Bon Jovi

Why are we doing this? Because we can. So can you.

1) It had become appartent that my bucket list was (and is still) growing much faster than my alloted “vacation time”.

2) The idea presented iteself in 2013. I was “trying” to recruit an engineer for a position that I was hired to fill.
I will never forget his words “Tina, sounds like a great opportunity, but I have to tell you…I just sold my house and
I am taking my family on the road for a year”. MIND. BLOWN. I did not sleep for three days. I was officially obsessed
with the idea.

3) This same year was, as Brian and I named it, “the year from HELL”. Brian’s mom and both of my parents suddenly got
very ill. They never experienced the dream of “retirement” as they had all worked so very hard for. Heartbreaking.
We learned quickly that retirement can’t be the goal. We won’t “wait for retirement” to do the things we want to do.

4) Time, as parents, with our girls (Need I say more? No, but I am). We will always have the memories we make on this
trip. Good and bad. The goal is to educate, educate and educate them some more. New people, places, things and experiences.
Again, both good and bad.

5) A reset. I am addicted to people and their stories, business ideas, strategies and the different paths one takes. A mid-career
sabbatical has given me the chance to catch up on all the best-selling business books that I have been wanting to read.
Jotting down business ideas/plans. I am LOVING my sabbatical and feel blessed to be able to take the time to do some
soul searching and quiet my mind enough to listen to my angels.