Living in an RV: A Teenage Perspective

Living in an RV: A Teenage Perspective

Many people think my family and I are insane for living in a motorhome for a year… and so do I. Whenever I
tell people about this, their response is usually something along the lines of “what?” or “WOW!” or they just
look at me like they are waiting for me to say, “just kidding!”. Ummm yeah, sorry, but no, we are not kidding.

There are definitely some not-so-good things that even after the first few weeks, I know they probably won’t
go away anytime soon. One is definitely all the boring, long 7-8 hour drives! I get car sick, so it’s not like
I can just go in the back and play on my iPad all day. Another one is that I miss all my friends. I still don’t
know how I am going to live without them for a year. Another struggle includes missing dance. I don’t know if I
will be able to dance at all this upcoming year. My parents can also get very stressed about this
whole trip too. They get grumpy and bark at me and Zoe! Oh! Zoe! Well there is another one!
From her begging to play The Lego Game every five seconds to punching me and yelling “bingo” cause she saw a
yellow car. I still love her.

There are the bad things, but there are also some good and fun things! We are only seven weeks in so I am sure there
is going to be a whole chapter book written about all the good and fun things we are doing. One is that I am doing things
that nobody I know has ever done before! That’s pretty cool in my book. Since obviously my friends couldn’t come with, Zoe
and I have been trying to make new friends. And yes, we have made some great ones! Another one is that by the end of this
our family is going to be even closer (or completely tired of each other). But just imagine all the amazing experiences we
will get to, well, experience.

With all the bad and good stuff coming our way, I am very excited about some things too! Especially food. I love to bake,
so I am definitely going to try some new recipes. But also eat things that I think are weird (but what the locals know as normal).
I am also looking forward to seeing where we end up for the holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s!
I am excited for places too! I have never been to New York City so I am excited for that! And Florida too, so I can get some
quality beach time.

But in the end, it is all comes down to what it says on my shirt. “Eat, sleep, dance, hug, kiss, change the world, repeat.” -Michael Franti.
(If a rock star said it, you might as well do it!)

Hannah Hazlett