Brian and I feel that one of the greatest gifts we can give to our girls is a solid understanding of who they are and where they fit in.  Our road trip is a tool to not only educate them, but to help them find their pulse and open up their minds to different people, places, lifestyles and beliefs.   It is our hope that they will gain creativity, confidence and strength to follow passion.


What about the girls schooling?  We have found a fabulous on-line program with virtual teachers, classroom and proven curriculum.  I will serve as a “learning coach” (I better get a t-shirt or something) as they go through their programs each day. School begins August 22nd… yikes!

Halloween:  RV Style

Halloween: RV Style

This is Halloween… This is Halloween… Halloween, Halloween! Hopefully, you sang the Night Before Christmas song all week long, too!...

Friendship Rocks

Friendship Rocks

Friendship Rocks and KIDS UNPLUGGED! Friendship Rocks are rocks, painted by the girls, that are meant to put a smile...