Soul Searching, My Favorite Pastime

Soul Searching, My Favorite Pastime

Soul searching and taking the time to draft my future are two (of many) reasons for this
personal sabbatical. I use the word “draft” because we are always changing, evolving and being exposed to new
feelings, desires and opportunities. I really should consider permanently tattooing this disclaimer on me:

I like these photos, to me, they capture what my heart is currently feeling and my head is trying to process.
On my left, I get a stunning sunset, highlighting the unknown waters. On my right, I have an industrial plant,
glowing and in full motion, which I also find beautiful and inspiring. To me, the sunset represents an emotional,
heart-driven and incredibly fulfilling path which I am currently discovering. The industrial plant represents a
more aggressive approach that ties in my corporate past, requiring thick-skin in a competitive and constantly-changing

For some reason, as I have been decompressing, I have felt torn as to which direction I “should” go. I felt pressure
to make a choice. The gift given to me on this last night, staring at the view that feels connected to my soul, I
see now that I don’t HAVE to choose. I can follow both paths. I can take four-hundred different paths if I want to.
I am the one who determines how I spend my precious time. There are no rules or limits.

Create what you want or deal with what you’ve got.

Boondocks and Bliss