Not a lot of brain-power being used by drivers in Louisiana. STUPID drivers, not just “bad” drivers,
but there is an obvious lacking in the “good-judgement” department. Oy, glad to be off those roads!
Though, minus all the cars on the side of the highway, the drive into Texas was beautiful!

Life is chaotic when you don’t know where you will be living week to week. Organically, we have found
routine within the chaos. When we get to a new place, we jump in the jeep and go exploring. Then, we park
in the most “appealing” area (ideally a place that our vehicle will still be there upon our return) and
simply wander via flip-flops. We always find some type of adventure!

Friday, in Baton Rouge, our wandering took us to a free, outdoor, 80’s-night concert with food trucks
and activities set up for kids. Completely reminded me of home! Afterwards, we “wandered” to find a massive,
concrete stadium-seating area just off the Mississippi River. We watched the sun go down while we threw
rocks into the water – making wishes as we did it. Zoe loved finding more “wishes” (aka rocks) for us, but
she is convinced that rock-wishes don’t come true because she doesn’t have super-powers yet. Ha!

New Orleans is such a unique place, refreshing. So much of our country has a similar look and feel, but thankfully,
New Orleans with her French influence offered amazing eye-candy! The girls’ experienced Bourbon Street’s sweet
smell of urine, the French Market’s large quantity of vendors selling nude art including human anatomy made
from all types of material (plastic, steel, wood and fruit), they learned all about Mardi Gras beads, and walked around
the French Quarter and the French Market counting all the horse’s that had their hooves painted and decorated
with glitter. Our favorite part though was going to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and coffee.

PSA:  I am sure I learned this in a past life, but you get a parking ticket when parked less than 20-feet from
a stop sign.

Lastly, anybody that knows Brian knows that he is a HUGE World War II buff! We spent an afternoon at the
World War II Museum before leaving. He was REALLY looking forward to this museum and his only regret was that
he couldn’t stay longer (four-hours wasn’t enough)! It even held the attention of both my girls and myself,
which is not easy to do. If you are in the area, it really is worth stopping by.

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