Arizona, I love you, but I can’t take your heat. Beautiful landscapes, fun critters and insanely cool flowering
cacti. We will be back when you cool down.

Memorial Day weekend was spent with two of my favorite people, Penny and Howard! Lots of
“grillin & chillin”, riding their side by side up steep stone slopes, seeing Star Wars (again), Tombstone and
Boothill Graveyard. It was a much-needed break from the motorhome! And bonus… their washer and dryer didn’t
require quarters! Thank you, Penny & Howard, for an unforgettable weekend!

Grand Canyon, baby! One of the Seven Wonders of the World. A highlight of this trip. We stayed in the town
of Williams and took a 2-hour train ride to the Grand Canyon. The train was a fun way to commute as it had live
music, food, and a “robbery” that took place on the way back. We did the bus tour once we got there, it was fun
however; it didn’t leave a lot of time to hike around. We are looking into reservations for 2019 to do a “real”
backpacking trip through this majestic canyon. Lastly, Williams will forever be the place that the girls finished
school! Started in Ohio, finished in Arizona.

Desert in every direction! Today we got to see a meteor crater, yes, a massive rock from outer space
that smashed into the ground creating a hole that is mile wide and half mile deep. Worth the drive to the
middle of nowhere! We also drove through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. But, my personal favorite stop
was “standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona” and eating at Relic Road Brewery with the perfect angle to watch and
laugh at other tourists doing the same thing. Clowns!

Take It Easy.

Boondocks and Bliss