The Inspiration Next Door: Matt Hancock

The Inspiration Next Door: Matt Hancock

Sometimes in life you get to meet “those” people, the ones that really inspire you. You know the ones, they are high
on life and doing something that they are passionate about. During our journey we have met some AMAZING people who have
inspired us. I don’t want to forget these people and I definitely don’t want to forget the spark they left us with.
So, that’s right, I am blogging about them so you can be inspired too! Don’t worry, I will keep it short and sweet.

My first victim is Matt Hancock. Matt and Brian connected this past summer as we were camping next to each other in
Streetsboro, Ohio. This is where we learned of his 3200-mile solo biking adventure!

Matt had made a personal decision to ride his bike across our great country just to see if he could! He had made
this goal a reality upon turning 50-years old. What I found so inspiring about Matt is that he wasn’t
doing this for ANY other reason than to challenge himself, to push himself out of his comfort zone. He jumped in with
both feet. His lofty goal was a huge success finishing this week after 55 pedal days! He started in Portland, Maine and
finished in San Diego, CA. Most importantly, he finished all-in-one piece and smiling. AWESOME!

The more that we learned about Matt, though he didn’t offer any of this information I had to google-stalk him, the more we
understood where his determination and goal-oriented, adventure-driven spirit came from. He was quite the rockstar
basketball player holding several records and is currently in the Maine Hall of Fame. He has a history of pushing himself
to be and do his best. He also co-owns a fabulous family-friendly ski resort called Mount Abram located in Greenwood, Maine.
( When their lodge was struck by lightning (yes, struck by lightning!), they rebuilt with a stronger
foundation than before (great motto for life, right?!). He and his wife, Tracy, were generous enough to let us experience
this mountain up-close and personal. It is incredible! To my ski and snowboarding friends that enjoy the destination ski-trips,
consider Mount Abram, it has the local feel that we all seek.

Matt, thank you for inspiring my family and reminding our girls that we are all capable of accomplishing hard things. You are
a very generous and kind soul. We wish you success in all your future adventures! Look us up when you and Tracy find yourselves
in Utah.

Go out and do something cool too!

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