Week 5:  Grand Targhee, Baby!

Week 5: Grand Targhee, Baby!



It’s finally here!  Our Grand Targhee Tradition!  Music, dancing, laughing, loving, making memories…

Mileage: 3031
Soul Status: HIGH (We were at Targhee Fest, need I say more)
Cover Photo:  Zoe wins the cover photo slot this week!  If you don’t know her, she is one amazing
kid and tough little “cookie.” It’s likely that she will have trials and hurdles that most of us can’t
understand. Luckily, she is a fighter and  has an army of support behind her. I feel like this picture
captures her determination and strength.

The week started off rather slow before the big finale. We stayed at a campground in Idaho called
Torrey’s Burnt Creek before heading to Grand Targhee Resort in Wydaho (Wyoming/Idaho, get it?) for
the Targhee Music Festival!

Parenting fail: We hope that living on the road will encourage the girls to learn how to be bored.
They have only had a few opportunities, but they both need a LOT more practice because they totally
stink at it! There was a day (yes, ONE day) last week that Brian was dedicated to work all day while
I had a day of adulting (laundry/shopping/cleaning). They struggled to get along. They struggled
searching for things to do. EVERYTHING was SO dramatic. Oy! It’s like they became numb without us filling
their schedules OR having access to Wifi. It was good for them be forced into creativity and breathe
without WiFi! Their lives before living on the road were jam packed too, therefore; they were rarely forced
to get creative with their time. I am grateful that they have experienced SUCH misery and will soon be experts
in the art of “being bored”.

Funny story – We finally had enough time to have the girls watch West Side Story. Hannah realized that not
ALL movies have a happy ending (thanks Disney) and was traumatized, but only for a minute.

Red Fish Lake – Came highly recommended to us by my former co-workers Gretchen, Jimmy, and Judge. It was AWESOME!
THANK YOU for the gift card PP. Our day on lake included: paddle boarding, kayaking and catching fish. My favorite
part though was the backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains!

Sun Valley/Ketchum area – I really loved the healthy energy that clearly surrounds this placed! Reminds me of
Park City and Jackson Hole. Zoe scored a rare and magical cheetah print trucker hat! OH HAPPY DAY!!

Targhee Music Festival – This is our family tradition each year. A 3-day rock & blues festival at the base of the
Teton’s. Michael Franti, our family band, happened to be the Friday night headliner. E-PIC! Zoe, Hannah, and Kaylay
(friend of Curtis and Carly’s) all got guitar pics and we even got a selfie with Mr. Franti! Our other favorite bands
included The Record Company, Marcus King Band and Lucas Nelson (Willie’s son). The most awkward and out-of-place
performance award goes to Suzanne Vega singing her latest theater songs??

Hannah baptized her new mountain bike up at Grand Targhee, at one of the top five bike parks in the WORLD! Krista,
Carly and I rocked our annual GIRLS ONLY mountain bike ride! Also, Brian and I conquered “Perma Grin”, a challenging
mountain ride with a rewarding downhill. I also learned that the term “perma grin” doesn’t mean smiling because
you are happy, it is the intense teeth grinding that comes naturally when climbing the final stretch of said hill!

In addition to having my people (Curtis, Carly, Luke, Eli, Kaylay, Dave, Krista, Kate, and surprise appearances by
Blake and Chris!) with me, the best part of this weekend each year is the balance between exploring the
mountains with an aggressive workout each day in order to justify the remaining hours by the pool and dancing to our bands
with cocktails in hand.

Life on the road has been more rewarding than I could ever imagine! It will be interesting as we head east and see
fewer and fewer familiar faces. The next couple weeks will begin our transition into “slow-down” mode and less of
the vacation-style whirlwind we have been living.

Cheers to leaving our comfort zone!


Boondocks and Bliss


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