Motor-home Mom or Flight Attendant

Motor-home Mom or Flight Attendant

Motor-home Mom or Flight Attendant?

Entertainingly similar! Coffee, Tea, Snack?

We are always training for something, right? Though, we may not always know what that “something” may be.

For example, this morning I had a full-circle moment as we were preparing our cabin (aka motorhome) for “take-off”.
I am working as a flight attendant again, almost 20 years later and for a lot less money! I was checking to ensure
all overhead bins were closed, that my children were seated with their seatbelts securely fastened and that all isles
and emergency exits were clear. I am considering installing a PA system!

My keen flight attending skills were practiced further as today was a “Go-Day.” Go-Days are what we call the days
where a long commute is planned. A drive that requires some extra attention towards the comfort of your passengers.
Though safety is my number one concern, I was busy refilling coffee, getting blankets and pillows,
fixing electrical devices, getting snacks and restocking toilet paper as we were driving down the road.
Luckily, I enjoy multi-tasking, so the torso workout that naturally comes along with maintaining one’s balance during
turns and turbulence was also welcome.

Adaptability, is a required skill for all flight attendants AND those of us experimenting with a new life style.
It’s likely that you will not be sleeping in the city that you originally set out for. Life on the road commonly
requires us to divert for a variety of reasons. I am grateful for my ability to handle Plan B and teach them the art of
adapting to Plan B to my children. Often, the random Plan B’s end up being the most fun!

From time to time, I can’t remember where we are or even where we are going. Sometimes, I can’t even remember
which day of the week it is (though I blame this on my one-year sabbatical from corporate America and not having
a full-time job)! Flight Attendants and Motorhome Attendants work wacky schedules.

A huge THANK YOU to Southwest Airlines for your role in preparing me for a safe and happy flight via my Winnebago!
I can’t wait to see what I am currently “training” for.


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