From Hannah: Disney World, Universal and My 14th Birthday!

From Hannah: Disney World, Universal and My 14th Birthday!

The last two weeks have been amazing. We took a break and switched to “vacation mode”!
With some of our family flying in, Disney World, Universal, our hotel and my birthday,
these last few weeks have been great! Definitely some of my favorite places so far!

My family came to visit and they all made it so much more fun! My uncle (Curtis),
my aunt (Carly), and my cousins (Luke and Eli) came for Disney World and Universal and then,
unfortunately, had to leave. My grandma came for Universal, her Bucket List goal of swimming
with the dolpins, and our the “chill” days at our hotel.

At Disney World, there was a campground, Disney’s Fort Wilderness, at which we stayed.
Yes. Eight people. One RV. Do the math. I’m just kidding, it actually
isn’t as cramped as you would think. My family and I got there on a Tuesday and ate a buffet
after we went swimming. That night we also went to Disney Springs, which is an
outdoor mall. There we saw our neighbor, Greg, for a little while! We also bought a few things.
Late that night (2:00am) Curtis, Carly, Luke, and Eli got in. The next day we all went to
Magic Kingdom, where all the “classic” rides are. Example: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and
Pirates of the Caribbean. On Thursday, we went to Animal Kingdom, which had two of
three of my favorite rides. Expedition Everest, which was a roller coaster, and Avatar, which was
a simulator. But not just any simulator, this one was actually really fun! On Friday
my family and I went to Epcot while Curtis, Carly, Luke and Eli went to the beach. Epcot is where
I had the best Chinese food ever (coincidentally on Chinese New Year). It is also where
my mom got attacked by a seagull (apparantly, seaguls love Mickey-head ice creams). After, we
all met back at the camp. We went swimming and grilled
and just hung out. The next day was my birthday!! We all went to Hollywood Studios that
day, where my other favorite ride is… Tower of Terror! My parents also surprised me with a shirt
that says, “Today is my 14th birthday” and a Star Wars dessert party and fireworks! That was
very fun! I still dream about the R2-D2 cupcake! Eli was about 39 ½ inches tall, and a lot of
rides required that you be 40 inches. So, what did we do? Stuff sugar packets in his shoes and
refer to him as “Sugar Shoes”! Sugar Shoes was like a whole other person. For example,
“Eli can’t go on this ride, but Sugar Shoes can!” Which was actually said multiple times a day.
After our Disney Experience was over, we dropped our motor home off at the shop and stayed in a
very nice three-bedroom suite. (Thank you grandma and grandpa) Grandma came after we went swimming
and got all settled.

The following day we went to Universal Studios! We went to Diagon Alley (which is a
Harry Potter thing) and that was very cool! It had buildings that looked exactly how you picture
them and it also had a simulator ride (which wasn’t very fun). Tuesday, we went to Islands of
Adventure which was so much fun!! It had two very fun rides, hulk, which was a roller coaster,
and another Harry Potter ride, which was I simulator as well. It’s funny, I usually don’t like
simulators but this one was fun! Most of the rides at these two parks were simulators, and I got
tired of them really fast. Personally, I think Islands of Adventure was way more fun then
Universal Studios. Sugar Shoes also made many appearances here as well. On our shuttle one day,
we almost died. Okay, not really, but kind of. Grandma, Curtis, Eli, Luke and Zoe all got seats,
which left Carly, my mom, my dad and I standing in the back. There was nothing to hold onto back
there and our driver didn’t seem to care that every time he went speeding over a bump, we would
go flying all different directions, not mention how hot it got back there. It was scary and fun
at the exact same time. The day after Islands of Adventures, Curtis, Carly, Luke and Eli had to
fly home.

Our hotel was awesome! It had a very nice pool area that they would be doing activities
a lot of the time. Twice while we were there they did outdoor movies, Wonder and Coco. Both are
very good movies! One night they did karaoke, and no one would be the first one so Zoe went up
there and got it started! Three hours later karaoke was still going and everyone there knew
Zoe’s name! There was a pool side grill that we ate more than half of our meals at, and it was
really good! Our first night at the hotel, we celebrated my birthday, even though it was a day
late. My mom got cake and ice cream and I opened presents. I got a few gift cards, two Stranger
Things shirts, olive garden mints and FRY SAUCE!! I have never been so happy to see a jar of
Artic Circle fry sauce and OG mints! We also visited The Kennedy Space Center which made me want
to become an astronaut. 🙂

So, as you can tell, I had an amazing two weeks! Now I guess it’s back to reality.