Hannah’s Thoughts After 6-Months of Traveling

Hannah’s Thoughts After 6-Months of Traveling

I am living in a giant moving tin can. It sounds like I am making that up, but if you think about it,
it is completely true! A tin can with beds and bathrooms in it. Yep, that’s my house!

Meet my parents: Mr. OCD and Mrs. Life Lesson. My dad has OCD about almost everything! Especially about
leveling the motorhome! AFTER IT WAS LEVEL THE FIRST TIME! Once it took us an hour to get level! Yes,
I understand leveling processes and propane ratio’s! And my mom turns everything she can into a life
lesson. I told her to count one night and in just one afternoon she said six! SIX! But, they are my
parents and I love them!

Things I miss most: Fry sauce, my friends, Leatherby’s, mountains. In that order.

This part is about online school. I really do love being able to be done with school in just a few hours
every day. I sit in the passenger’s seat facing the windshield (because there is a desk there that I can
work at it) I look out the window and wave to people as they walk by. My parents call it “my own little
world up here”. Anyways, I really like all my teachers, they are so nice and helpful! And I have made a
few friends through it! Overall, I like online school very much- but not as much as normal (brick and mortar)

We use propane for a lot of things, like cooking with the stove and oven and using the heater. So, if we
don’t have any propane it is kind of hard. At night it can get really cold and a couple times we haven’t
had enough propane to use the heater. So, you want to know how I slept one night? My big down comforter,
three littler blankets, leggings under sweatpants, my snowboarding socks, a tank top under a long sleeve
shirt under my dads sweatshirt, a hat and gloves. AND I WAS STILL COLD! But since we usually try to save
propane for the heater (so I don’t have to sleep in a hat) we don’t get to use the stove or oven very much.
We have only used the oven like five times to bake cookies and cook dinner. And we use the stove every once
in a while, to make pasta or something else. But mostly pasta. We have this other pan that plugs into the
wall that we use for a lot of our cooking. We use a crockpot a lot too. We have the propane filled up about
once every two weeks. In the summer and warmer weeks, we don’t need propane to keep us warm, so we don’t use
it as much.

Overall, I like being on the road. I like seeing the stuff in person that I have been seeing in pictures
since I was a little kid. Of course, I miss my friends. But I text a lot of them very often. I miss fry sauce
a ton too (did I mention that?). I come back to that in less than a half of a year now, get ready!!