Week 33 Savannah, Georgia

Week 33 Savannah, Georgia

I am in love again, this time, with Savannah, Georgia! I hope to come back soon with
a group of good friends that I know will appreciate this city as much as we do.
I finally understand what all the “hoopla” is about! Many times on this trip
we were told, “You have to stop in Savannah”. So, we did! Every restaurant we
ate at, fabulous. The drinks, divine (AND they allow you to walk around with an open
beverage). The city was full of character. I loved the colonial style
homes with many locals running their businesses on the main level (coffee shops, bakeries,
law firms, etc.) while living upstairs. That is the perfect complement to a solid work/life
balance! In my fantasy, I simply walk downstairs to my successful office that will be conveniently
located in between a coffee shop and a Mexican food restaurant (or at least a place that
sells chips and salsa).

Some of the highlights in Savannah included:

The Chromatic Dragon – This is a restaurant for all types of Gamers. The girls had a
blast and surprisingly, the food was great! Simple idea…serve great food and offer
both board games and video games as entertainment to your customers. The girls were
stoked that I was playing video games. Something they had never seen. I even beat them
at some racing game. Bragging rights!

A carriage ride through Savannah provided an effortless way to see most of the “squares”.
Savannah locals and businesses identify themselves by which “square” they are located on.

Brian and Hannah went off on another historical adventure, the Mighty Eighth National Historic
Museum, where she could learn more about her great-grandfather Hubble. He was a waist gunner,
killed in the line of duty.

A “first” for the girls… While waiting for our locksmith to show up (thanks, Brian), they
witnessed a brutal fight between several homeless people. They were all arrested but didn’t
go down without a fight. The girls were educated and humbled that afternoon as their eyes were
opened a little bit more to some “real life” issues.

On a lighter note…finally, Florida! St. Augustine…Here we come!

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