Week 9: Minnesota and Wisconsin

Week 9: Minnesota and Wisconsin

This area is absolutely gorgeous!  I would have never considered this area a “destination place”, however, I was wrong!

There is water (lakes, rivers, etc.) around every corner. Hence, the “Land of 10,000
Lakes”. However, I think there are 10,000,000 mosquitos! The mid-west mosquitos are more advanced than the ones we
are used to at home. You will need to have your defense ready before you get here or you’re screwed! These little
buggers are here to fight!

Soul Status: Medium. I am content (No, mom, nothing is wrong).
Cover Photo: Cheese Curds. Duh!

Overall, we slowed down this week. More down-time to rock out to music, play games and watch movies. Nothing better
than morning Monopoly! Only those who know me REALLY well know how competitive I get when it comes to this game.
It’s every man and woman (or child) for themselves!

We also focused on being extra active this week due to the amount of cheese curds we consumed. I learned that the way
to measure a good curd is based on how “squeaky” it is as you are chewing it. Who knew?


16th Anniversary: DATE NIGHT! The precious time alone, the valuable hours, will NEVER be taken for granted again.
We rode our bikes a short distance for dinner and drinks on the water. Made for a super fun, and somewhat challenging,
ride home in the dark…

Crossing the itty-bitty Mississippi River before she gets big and toxic. Cartwheeling on the log that serves as a bridge
over this “stream”. With a small audience watching, the risk of embarrassment was real! We are really working with the
girls on learning to laugh at themselves and teaching them the beauty of not taking themselves too seriously.

Just had our first glance at Lake Superior. I look forward to exploring you further…


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