Week 32: Charleston, South Carolina

Week 32: Charleston, South Carolina

So excited to be exploring The South! Alligator and poisonous snake warning signs
are the new normal, kinda cool! Can’t wait to actually see one (preferably a gator)
in its natural habitat. Also, this week we had our first taste of authentic southern
BBQ, including hush puppies, and oh my my… If only I didn’t love fried food as much
as I do!! The pounds are really starting to stick! Is this because of the crap that I
am eating or is it because I am almost 40? Both? Either way, I would like for this
“issue” to disappear.

I am starting to see a pattern having lived on the road for 7+ months now…The places
we have enjoyed most all have the similar qualities that include: the location has a
unique “story”, it has a college or university (young energy), it is near a body of water
(lake, river, ocean, etc.), the general population shares a passion for the outdoors, and
it has plenty of local shops and restaurants within walking distance. Population of

Some of the highlights from Charleston include:

Rainbow Row: A street of town homes painted in a variety of colors. They were originally
painted this way to help those who may have had too much to drink, locate their homes.

Angel Oak Tree: “Angel” is the name of the family whom donated this majestic 300-400-year-old
tree. I absolutely eat this stuff up! I wish I could have spent all day just staring at this
beauty, but I also had a date with a tea plantation and a vineyard/winery. What a perfect
Tina Day! All except “the cow”. Yes, a random cow roaming the vineyard that decided rather
quickly that it didn’t like me. He gently “nudged” me out the way. I have never been pushed
by a cow, until now.

Patriots Point: offered Brian his perfect day. He took Hannah and taught her all
about aircraft carriers and the planes that landed there.

Arthur Revenal Jr. Bridge: Brian and I successfully completed a 5-mile run across the bridge,
while the girls biked it. Having a beautiful view to distract from any run is always welcome!
Afterward, we smelled so bad that the girls had to plug their noses, even with the windows down,
to breathe. LOL You will see their dramatic picture tied to this post. They didn’t smell peachy-keen
either, they just looked cuter.

Fort Sumter: We ended up “having” to extend our stay in Charleston to see this fascinating fort. It
was closed for several days due to the government shutdown. On the boat ride to the fort, we were
even lucky enough to see some dolphins. Zoe has traded in her spirit animal, a cheetah, for a

It was a fun place! We enjoyed the two months we spent in the Carolina’s. Lots of eye-candy and
things to do.

Savannah is up next!

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