Life of Hannah:  Stuck in a Motor-home with My Family for One Year

Life of Hannah: Stuck in a Motor-home with My Family for One Year

Well, we have made it over 1/3 of the way! This trip is going way faster than I thought it was going to!
I miss my friends and fry sauce so much! But, thanks to this amazing thing called technology, I have been able to
keep in touch with most of them. Zoe and I have gotten along together pretty well. We fight every so often, but
what siblings don’t? Online school has been pretty good. I love when I work ahead and get a day or two off. I just
finished my art class for the entire year! 🙂 But, when we are learning about something boring, I have to actually
pay attention instead of just zoning out and talking to my friends. Wait, I would never do that. *Wink wink* We
have been busy exploring 14 million different places, below you will find my top five places so far and why I liked
them so much!

– San Francisco: We went to Alcatraz!! I absolutely LOVED that! I think they should make the old jail into a hotel
and treat the customers like prisoners. We also went on a “rocket boat” which is a boat that goes really fast and
then turns. Colleen came with us here, too!

– Jeff and Michelle’s House in Michigan: We went to a Dodgers game and they won! (And who knows, maybe the first
Dodgers game that I remember will be in the same season that they win the world series)! But right before that,
Leila had a soccer game, and she also won! After the games, we went back and celebrated my dad’s 47th birthday!
Lainey and I snuck out to the store and bought my dad a cake without anyone knowing. The night ended in a big dance

– Harrisburg: Here we went to the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory! I had never had so much chocolate in my life. Before
we went there, we went to Red Robin. Sounds good right? It was terrible!! Everything about that dining experience
was disappointing (like the roof leaking on us, crappy service, and NO FRY SAUCE!!) But, it’s okay because I filled
up on chocolate afterwards. The next day, we went to Zac Brown Band. That was really fun! Plus, there was a Chic-fil-a
near our campground and who doesn’t like Chic-fil-a?

– Burlington- Could very well be my future home. Curtis, Carly, Luke and Eli came out to visit and we all went to a
music festival that Grace Potter played in twice! Right next to our campground was Lake Champlain, which was very fun
and warm to swim in! Sadly, this is where we found out that our good friend, Kevin Clark, passed away. 🙁 I know he
would have really liked this place. But, downtown Burlington was very cool. It had a great vibe to it! I also got to
do a couple of dance classes!

– Bar Harbor: We had a great with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean! Downtown Bar Harbor also had a very cool vibe.
Of course, here I was sick for a few days. But, thats ok! We went to Acadia National Park where we were among the first
people people in America to see the sun rise! We met our neighbor, Keigen. Zoe, Keigen and I played Ghost in the Graveyard
all night, which was very fun and tiring, while the adults were hanging out around the campfire.

As I am sitting in Panera Bread on a “Wi-Fi field trip”, I am glad I am a part of this circus train for a year!