Halloween:  RV Style

Halloween: RV Style

This is Halloween… This is Halloween… Halloween, Halloween! Hopefully, you sang the Night Before Christmas
song all week long, too!

Just like that, the holidays are here! We spent Halloween in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Not only do people in RV parks
celebrate Halloween, they do it with a “go big or go home” attitude! Hannah dressed up as a burglar and Zoe
dressed up as Violet, from The Incredibles. By the time Halloween night came, the girls were too exhausted to go
trick-or-treating so we spent the night at home painting pumpkins.

Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the world, is a must-see if you are in the area in October!! The witch history
is fascinating. We did a haunted tour of the Spirits of the 7 Gables the haunted tour about the judge who sentenced 16
“witches” to death in 1692. (true story) This place was so cool with plenty of entertainment for all ages and levels of
witchery. I bought a witch hat and Tarot cards, lol. I think someone put a spell on me.

As we have been on the road in New England, we kept hearing about a wicked-cool RV park called Normandy Farms. They have the
reputation of creating an epic Halloween atmosphere. It. Was. Awesome. We did a late-night haunted hay ride and a haunted
house that sent children out crying (true story). Zoe was in tears and didn’t make it through the front door. Thank you
chain saw man, it has been almost a week and my daughter still won’t into the bathroom alone. Two hours of trick-or-treating
with 500+ campsites right next to each other equals some serious candy! They had bingo and a Michael Jackson impersonator.
Random, but hilarious! Both, our burglar and Violet met some friends to share the experience with, that always makes fun times
even better!

It was a fabulous Halloween. One we will always remember and that will ensure that my children will forever be disappointed
with future Halloween celebrations.


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