Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

No matchy-matchy in Niagara Falls for us, okay, maybe for just a minute or ten! The identical sandals were not
intentional. They are required attire at The Cave of the Winds. We are not “those” people.

It was an amazing week in the Niagara Falls area of New York! This was a destination we had been looking forward
to since we left Utah. The Falls are a tasty piece of eye-candy! We were told several times to make sure that we
experience Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. “They” were all correct! Well done, Canada! Though, not
sure why we each had to pay .50 cents to get back into America?! That’s a funny joke when its late and you
have zero cash on you. Thank you to the random stranger that paid our $2.00 to get us back into our country.
Still, the Canadian side is the clear winner of the “esthetic appeal” contest.

As we left our Visitor’s Center, Hannah said “that place smelled like a dirty airport”. With that being said,
the American side did offer some positive memory-making opportunities that include:

The “must do once” Maid of the Mist boat ride, at a lower cost than our neighbors to the north. Also, on the American
side, we have The Cave of the Winds experience! The Cave of the Winds is an observation deck that allows you
to slowly climb higher and closer to the falls until you are in hurricane-type conditions. I loved the adrenaline
rush as a result of the air from my lungs being pulled out of my body while I was feeling the weight of the water
falling on me. Not sure the poncho did anything, but our souvenir sandals were nothing short of classy!

We stayed at a beautiful state park located next to Lake Ontario. We loved this park and the discovery of
Sanger’s Market! My first love is a magical sunset, but my second is a good, local, family-owned farmers
market. Sangers has a pick-your-own orchard, a cafe with the most fabulous food, homemade butter and jams, and
the kindest hearts around. I love the life-style of a small farm and I admire and respect the way they have made it
into a lucrative business without losing the integrity and charm of a small family farm.

We will hit New York City and other hot spots on our way out of the New England area.

XO –

Boondocks and Bliss