Vermont and Autumn in New England

Vermont and Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England, that was always the goal. We made it! Worth every mile! The colors, the energy, the crispness
in the air, it’s all pure bliss. We dug our heals into the ground as we left Burlington, Vermont! OHHHH, how we all
LOVE you, Burlington! I can’t dream of a better place to celebrate our 100th day on the road! Yes, 100 days so far!
My sabbatical is going WAY too fast. Back to Burlington, have you ever been to a place where you thought…”these are
our people”? For so many reasons, we will be returning to this area. For now, we are excited to see what the rest of
New England has to offer but Burlington was an amazing way to kick start this long-awaited part of our journey.

This week felt like a real vacation. Maybe that is because we had our first visitors! Thank you Curtis, Carly, Luke
and Eli for flying out to see us and dancing the nights away at the Grand Point North music festival! The waterfront
concert venue was a quick bike ride away and added to the fun, free-spirit feeling of Vermont. In addition
to Grace Potter, our top bands included Dawes and Mondo Cozmo. Curly (Curtis and Carly) also helped to confirm that
The Wave can sleep eight people! Anyone need a get-a-way? We have a bed (or three) for you!

We stayed in the city park campground in Burlington, 50-yards from North Beach and the beautiful Lake Champlain! The
heatwave made it possible to take advantage of the water and the city’s extensive bike trails, including the causeway
that connects the mainland to South Hero Island. Funny thing about this causeway is that there is a gap of about 200-feet,
so you have to take a bike ferry across to get to the island. Yes, a bike ferry. A boat that carries you and your bike
across the gap, did I mention I love Vermont? All in all, the girls pedaled about 11 miles, 14 if you ask Brian. Awesome!
Thank you for the suggestion, Dave Weiss!

We also had some heart-breaking news this week as many of you already know. Our family lost a really good friend,
Kevin Clark, to a heart attack. Kevin was one of “the good ones”, a beautiful soul who lived his life with positive energy,
love and passion. Ironically, he was also the epitome of health. We are baffled. Nothing makes you feel further from home
than tragedy. Thank you, Kevin, for teaching us to live and love big!


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